Vivo Creatine product launch

Vivo Creatine

On Monday February 3rd we are launching a brand new product that is the most scientifically studied supplement on the planet that product is of course… CREATINE!

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Creatine is well known to be an extremely effective supplement for athletes. Some of the main benefits include:

✅ Increases our production of ATP, the key energy source for heavy lifting and intense exercise (1)

✅ Enables more work or total volume in a training session (2)

✅ ‘Significantly‘ enhances ability to build muscle and strength (3,4,5)

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Creatine is also extremely safe and is considered to have an ‘outstanding safety profile’ by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition.

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Our creatine is in the form of micronised creatine monohydrate and is third party tested for quality and purity. It also comes in our new home compostable packaging so when you are finished you can dispose of it in your food waste or garden compost 🙏

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