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Sophie Waplington

Leading by example, Sophie Waplington was raised a vegetarian before fully embracing a vegan lifestyle in 2017. Her love for food led her through various roles, from social media marketing for a plant-based meat brand to honing her culinary skills as a vegetarian restaurant in North London while simultaneously earning her Level 3 personal trainer certification. It was during this time that Sophie identified a gap in the world of plant-based cooking where both gym enthusiasts and flexitarians alike were searching for high-protein plant-based recipes. In response, Sophie unveiled @sophsplantkitchen in 2020, to share her innovative, protein-fuelled recipes. In 2023, Sophie’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are among the fastest growing pages on both platforms.

With an engaged and diverse audience, Sophie has become the go-to choice for brand collaborations, aligning herself with industry giants such as Waitrose, Uber Eats, Napolina, and Costa Coffee.

As a personal trainer, Sophie recognises the pivotal role diet plays in nurturing a healthy body and a happy mind. Drawing from her expertise in weight training and nutrition, she crafts recipes that fuel sustainable progress, not just in gym but also on the path toward a greener, more health-conscious lifestyle. Sophie advocates for holistic wellness rather than fixating on calorie counting. Her recipes and lifestyle champion nutrient-dense foods, increased protein intake, healthy fibre intake and a diverse array of plant-based ingredients.

Sophie’s authentic, approachable demeanour, combined with her unwavering commitment to promoting healthier and more compassionate living, has made a profound, positive impact on the lives of her followers. Many attribute their renewed passion for exercise, wholesome eating, and holistic lifestyle transformations to her empowering content.