Sophia Ellis

Sophia Ellis

Sophia Ellis.

Sopia Ellis Sophia Ellis is Strength Coach, GB & England Powerlifter, what’s more, she’s vegan. Many people in the fitness industry think meat is the only way to make gains but Sophia has proved that to be wrong. She says that because a plant-based diet is anti-inflammatory its beneficial for recovery time compared to other athlete.
Previously suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, BPD and severe depression for over 5 years Sophia is now a successful fitness and lifestyle blogger helping  others suffering with mental illness to show they are not alone.

“Weight training has made me feel strong again and build a better relationship with food. Investing in a vegan lifestyle was the best decision I ever made”

At the Show

Vegan Powerlifting with Sophia Ellis.
Hear Sophia talk about her incredible journey in Powerlifting and how she’s thrived with a Vegan diet. Achieving the title of Commonwealth, English & British Champion, an international
record holder with over 14x records held! Sunday 15th March 10:45am

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