Meg Greenacre 1

Meg Greenacre

Meg started at the bottom as a wash up, whilst at high school, at Relish Restaurant in Newton Flotman. This enabled her to understand the workings of a kitchen. She soon worked her way up to be starter and pastry chef.

After high school Meg studied at City College Norwich doing the ‘Technical Diploma for Professional Chefs’, which is a 3 year course and graduated with distinctions and ‘Student of the Year’.

She made the most of her time at college to learn as much as she could about the industry and took advantage of the many opportunities they provided; competitions, outside events and even judging other competitions.

Whilst Meg was at college she moved from Relish restaurant to working at Brasteds, in their fine dining restaurant. She had many experiences with them such as; judging for the Norfolk food and drink awards, cooking for royalty, catering for private dining parties, weddings and events. She helped create the menu each season, which we would always ensure to use local, seasonal products.

During Meg’s time working in top fine dining restaurants she found herself struggling with the concept of using animals products in cookery. She started to question the ethics and the importance of consuming animal products and the effects it has on the animals themselves, the environment, our health, etc. After looking into it seriously, Meg realised that she strongly believed veganism was the right thing to do and turned vegan over a matter of days.

Whilst trying to encourage as many vegan dishes as possible on the menu, Meg realised that the only way for me to truly be happy was to be working in a plant based restaurant, promoting what she fully believed in.

Meg experimented as much as possible at home and became extremely excited to learn a whole new style of cooking and was intrigued to learn so many new methods, flavours and techniques. She was excited to see that there is absolutely no reason why she couldn’t be as creative and imaginative with plant based dishes as she originally was.

The vegan community is continually growing and working at Erpingham House is allowing Meg to promote veganism in the best way that she can, through food.

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