Macka B

Macka B

Macka B

Macka B is a British reggae artist, performer and activist.  Macka.B has continued to tour the world for over 30 years, extensively spreading consciousness and breaking down the barriers. He has twice performed on Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica, also at Sting & White River Reggae Bash in Jamaica. He also appeared in front of Nelson Mandela in the National Stadium Kingston.

Macka.B has toured all over America, Africa, Hawaii, France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain and Poland. He has performed alongside artists such as Burning Spear, U-Roy, The Wailers, Kool and the Gang, Lee Perry, Culture, Gladiators and many more.

Many know him for his very informative and entertaining “Medical Monday” video series which are reggae videos about nutritional values of fruits and vegetables, with the “Cucumber” video going viral last year (2019)

At the Show

My Vegan Journey by Macka.B
Macka.B’s Vegan journey starting with the birth of his parents in Jamaica travelling to England and the fruits and veggies they brought with them. Growing up in the UK and the influences that shaped his identity. He will then look at his transition from meat eater to vegetarian to vegan. Incorporating it in his music and becoming a Vegan Society ambassador and going viral on social media with his Medical Monday and Wha Me Eat Wednesdays Vegan Posts.
Sunday 15th March 1:15pm

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