Fran from @EthicalUnicorn

Fran Willow is a writer and artist, and the force behind the blog @EthicalUnicorn. Her work takes a holistic, fact-based approach to sustainable living and social justice. Through her writing, she aims to equip and inspire readers to live a more conscious, informed lifestyle and bring clarity to the sometimes confusing world of ethical living. Fran originally trained as a dancer, and has an MA in Theatre and Performance Studies with a specialism in cultural theory. She continues to work as an artist alongside her blog.
Eating Sustainably with Fran from @EthicalUnicorn
Plant-based eating is a great jumping-off point for a more sustainable lifestyle – if you’ve made that change, that’s brilliant news. Avoiding emissions from meat/dairy is a huge step forward. But when it comes to eating sustainably, there’s more to consider than just our individual food choices. Writer and blogger Fran from @ethicalunicorn will help us to understand a plant-based diet as the start of a journey, and encourage us to use our passion to work to transform our food systems on a larger scale so we’re also caring for people and the environment, beyond. From supply chain to regenerative agriculture and eating locally/seasonally, Fran will unpack all the different ways in ways in which we can eat more consciously and empathically.


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