Barney Pau

Barney Pau

Barney Pau’s food journey began in Barcelona, where he was born and raised. These Mediterranean influences travelled with him to the UK, where they synthesised with a wide range of other gastronomic inspirations. From a young age Barney Pau realised that good food delights all the senses, and a good meal is as much a work of craft and art as it is a form of sustenance. 

Always an aesthete, Barney pursued a career in graphic design, following his graduation from Central Saint Martin’s. His  move from the studio to the kitchen was an organic development, driven by his passion for presentation and his desire to design a dietary range that suited his unique, plant-based taste. Barney was tired of the way in which imitation dominated the vegan dialogue, and wanted to work on creating novel and exciting alternatives. 

Barney’s focus on locally sourced, seasonal produce reflects the strong environmental ethic that drives him. This is complemented by his passion to make the craft and pleasure of cooking accessible to all. He strongly believes that the best future for our planet is one in which people opt for plant-based diets, and recognises that this will only happen if there are exciting, interesting and enticing offerings available to them. To provide these attractive, healthy and sustainable options is Barney’s goal. His website is a wonderful resource for keen cooks and novices alike, whilst his events are always a performative and educative experience for all involved. 

Barney was amongst the first graduates of The Vegan Chef School and has, since completing his course, worked on developing his business. He runs regular supper clubs and has worked as a recipe designer in a number of vegan kitchens, striving to make the change he wants to see in the world a reality. 

Barney is working towards opening a culinary studio in the future. Through this venue he plans to provide courses, classes and – of course – absolutely delicious food for anybody who comes through the door.

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