The Green Grill

Big news… again. Shoreditch, are you ready?!

We just can’t stop getting bigger and better, we’ve got a taste for it and there’s no turning back.

This month we will be opening up in one of the most exciting London pop ups to date. The incredible Better World Group are launching their first venture; the World’s Most Ethical Pub. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Imagine making the world a better place just by swigging beer and chatting breeze.

The pub concept, aptly named The Green Vic (how punny) was designed to be a space where people can contribute to charity and support great ethical brands without changing their normal daily routine, so pretty sweet we reckon.

So what makes it so gosh dang ethical? The project has three main principles;

1) 1 in 4 staff at The Green Vic are from a vulnerable or disadvantaged background, such as the homeless and people with disabilities, giving second chances through employment.

2) Hosting ethical events like regular charity brunches and supporting important local causes with free venue space.

3) The bar will stock drinks that  support over 40 individual non-profit charities with key information about each organisation and the work they are doing on the menu.

Sounds too good to be true eh? Well hold onto your hats because not only are the drinks, venue and team all feel-good and do-go but yours truly will be bringing that vegan good good to the food offering.

Launching with a brand new, sexy as anything, menu where you’ll see some of our much loved classics but also some young guns tearing up the v-gang scene. From our best selling Mighty Meaty to Chkn Bitez and Waffles or Cheez Fingerz we’ve got the flames locked up and locked in.

The Green Vic will open it’s doors to the public from the 20th of June and will be open every day from midday to midnight for the next three months. Come down, have a pint, grab a bite and change the world why don’t you?

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