All Hearts

Introducing All Hearts – the newest organisation founded by Emma Naylor and Lucy Watson to help promote animal welfare and environmental charities.
Lucy and Emma met after their mothers connected on social media around their love of animals. Emma and her family had been volunteering at Animal Rescue Kefalonia for many summers up until this year with personal connections as Emma had adopted Roxie, a ginger girl kitten in October of 2018.
Lucy’s mother, Fiona, suggested that herself and her two daughters Lucy and Tiffany, who are well-known in the media for their promotion of the vegan market and love for animals, should come out to Kefalonia to volunteer at the rescue centre and also help to raise its awareness over social media.
During this trip, Lucy found little Leo – a male ginger kitten who was only a few weeks old. He followed her all the way back to her hotel room, and she knew that he had chosen her to be his family. Emma helped Lucy with the adoption process and documented this all across social media. This is where their friendship began.
Both founders realised with Lucy’s big following of over 1 Million followers, love for animals, adoption experience alongside her successful health and food businesses, with Emma’s love for animals and marketing business experience, that they could start their own platform to help benefit lots of causes all over the world. This is where All Hearts was then born in September 2019.
On Monday 2nd November 2019, All Hearts launched it first ever event by partnering with Many Tears Animal Rescue. This is a charity that is close to Lucy’s heart as she adopted Marley from here a couple of years ago. Her mother Fiona has also adopted 5 dogs and is a foster mum for many of the dogs that are bought into Many Tears.
All Hearts will be putting on a number of events throughout the year and will be promoting a huge number of different causes.
“We hope to promote one charity per month that is close to our hearts, which could be an environmental or animal charity. We will also be holding a number of educational seminars to discuss a number of topics that include animal adoption, volunteer, education on environmental issues, veganism. We will provide talks from specialists in their fields and hope to show everyone how all of the small changes can equal big changes for our world.” – Emma Naylor and Lucy Watson

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